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About Sleightholm Arts

Artist David Sleightholm opened his sculpture studio in an old mill in Ellicott City, Maryland in 1997. Much has changed since then, but Dave still practices his craft with an emphasis on design and engineering. Working in a variety of media, including metal, concrete, wood, glass, and fiber, Dave loves the challenge of solving unique visual problems.

Whether you are looking for that perfect dining room table or want to create a business space whose impact helps define your brand, we would be happy to lend our experience and skill to the task. We understand it can seem daunting to bring into reality something that exists only as a flickering concept in one’s own head, but this is what we do everyday.


We also maintain a body of work that is available for purchase now… after all, not everything needs to be a journey.

Dave Invents the Wheel

Dave's Story

David Sleightholm is a self-taught artist who finds experimentation and refinement the best teachers. At the age of 3, Dave knew he wanted to be an artist (or race-car driver/army-man). Early on, he found encouragement from his grandmother, a Sunday watercolorist, who wasn’t afraid to tell him that art could be a serious pursuit and bought him a set of pastels. He sold his first oil painting to his first-grade teacher. Thank you Ms. Sanders!

Today, Dave gets his kicks from overthinking problems, exploring new media, and building things the world has never seen before.

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