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Workshops & Events

Fall of 2023 Classes

We offer classes for all levels, whether you are looking for an introduction to tig welding, or an intensive focus on a specific technique. Contact Dave for more information: 443.392.2892.

Weekend Workshops

Join us in the studio for the weekend to learn the basics of tig welding by completing a simple project. Participants will learn how two stick to pieces of metal together with electrons, how to deal with heat distortion, and how to listen to Dave talk about his process. (This is often the hardest skill for beginners to master).

Technique Intensive

We also offer focused one-on-one sessions for those looking to work on a specific technique. Contact Dave for info: 443.392.2892.

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Studio Tours

By appointment only

Are you planning a trip to the Frederick area for a weekend getaway? Add our studio as a destination. Visit the shop to see where the sausage is made. Perfect for those who want to talk shop and learn about the process.

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